Forty Tenor Banjo Solos

Compiled by Bill Somerville for Tenor Banjo tuned GDAE

Written in Notation and Tab. Complete with audio

Greetings to all tenor banjo players in the GDAE tuning, sometimes called Irish or Celtic banjo.

I have compiled and arranged 40 pieces of music covering Reels, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Hornpipes and Polkas which are eminently suitable for playing on this instrument. As I also play the Highland Bagpipe, I have, where possible, attempted to include the doublings and other movements associated with this instrument, which I feel gives greater effect to how the tune sounds. In saying this there is one movement – the ‘Birl’ which it is impossible to replicate on the banjo, but where I have included an effect to emulate it, the sound is good.

There are many of the tunes which could make use of ‘hammering on’ ‘pulling off’ or ‘slides’, but I feel that the player will find those places where such an effect can be used.   Likewise, I have not included any ‘double stopping’ or chords, which will depend on the players ability, but there are a number of places where these could be added.

The 40 tunes are a mixture of Scottish, Irish and Shetland tunes to give as broad a spectrum of the music as possible.

A Must For All Irish Tenor Banjo Players


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