Irish Tenor Banjo Strings

Irish Tenor Banjo Sets, available in Nickel or Phosphor Wound, Loop-Ends or Ball-Ends

The use of the term ‘Irish’ tenor banjo is extremely confusing to anybody new to the banjo world. A tenor banjo is a tenor banjo. Banjo makers have been making tenor banjos with 17 and 19 frets ever since the 1920’s. The tenor banjo is tuned C. G. D. A.

In relatively recent years players of Celtic music have chosen to tune the tenor banjo G. D. A. E. The same tuning intervals as the mandolin and fiddle but sounding an octave lower. Most players who use this tuning prefer the short scale tenor banjo with 17 frets because it is easier on the fingers, with less stretching involved. However, a lot of players also tune the standard 19 fret tenor banjo to G. D. A. E.

In this section we offer strings designed for the tuning G. D. A. E, this tuning has become known as ‘Irish Tenor Banjo Tuning’.

All our tenor banjo strings have large loop-ends.

For wound 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings we offer nickel or phosphor round wound. The phosphor is bronze in colour and the nickel is gray, both give an excellent tone, and the choice is down to the players personal preference. On each page you will be asked to choose your preference in an options box.

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